Culture is one of the most important levers to activate to rehabilitate and revive the economy while producing meaning

Culture is one of the most important levers to activate to rehabilitate and revive the economy while producing meaning

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Madagascar, like many other countries, was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic impact has been particularly important, with a significant decrease in production and consumption. In this difficult context, culture can play a key role in the economic recovery of the country.

Culture is often considered a non-essential activity, but in reality it can have a considerable economic impact. Indeed, the cultural sector encompasses many activities, such as crafts, festivals, museums, cinema, music, dance and many others. These activities can generate jobs, attract investment and stimulate economic growth.

In Madagascar, culture is an important part of the national identity and a key factor in the country's attractiveness to tourists. Malagasy artisans are known for their exceptional skills in making handicrafts such as textiles, pottery and basketry. Festivals, such as the Whale Festival in Sainte-Marie, the Donia Festival in Nosy Bé, the Vanilla Festival, the Madajazzcarr, the Malagasy New Year or the Independence Day and many others, are also important cultural events that attract national and international visitors.

However, the Malagasy cultural sector faces many challenges, including lack of funding, lack of visibility and lack of recognition from the authorities. Yet investing in culture can be a winning strategy to stimulate the economy and create sustainable jobs.

In the area of handicrafts, for example, the government could encourage the development of artisans' cooperatives, provide training and subsidies to help them improve the quality of their products and market them more effectively. Cultural festivals could also be given more support, by offering grants for organizers, facilitating visas for foreign artists, and providing infrastructure to accommodate visitors.

It is also important to emphasize that culture can produce meaning and add value to the economy. Indeed, cultural activities can foster the creation of an environment conducive to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. They can also help strengthen the social fabric and promote values such as solidarity, diversity and respect for traditions.

In conclusion, culture can play an important role in the economic recovery of Madagascar. It is essential that the authorities recognize its potential and invest in this promising sector. "A strong country is a country that is proud of its culture, of its identity". By supporting culture, the country could not only boost its economy but also strengthen its national identity and social cohesion.

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